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Special giveaway

I believe in paying it forward, and to celebrate officially being discharged by my doctors (after my 5th year of no evidence of disease); I am offering a 3 month series starting from the month of September - apply now!

All you have to do is join my mailing list, and complete my pre-coaching questionnaire.

Good luck!

Thanks for submitting!

3 months series - just for you!

This special giveaway is an invitation for you to experience being coached in a supportive; nurturing and non-judgemental space - just for you!

If you have experienced a chronic illness; a challenging life event; or have been the carer for someone who has had such an experience, you may be feeling:

  • lost

  • overwhelmed

  • lacking in confidence

  • isolated

  • anxious about your future health

  • unsure how to move forward in your life

  • you are going through the motions of living your "old" life but feeling disconnected from yourself


A 3 month series is a way to gift yourself a path to feel:​

  • happy

  • calm

  • fulfilled

  • confident in yourself

  • authentic in living your life

  • you have clarity to move forward 

I have experienced every single one of these emotions, and I know that the time after a chronic illness diagnosis and medical treatment can be incredibly challenging.

A coaching series allows you to dedicate 3 months to reconnect, rediscover and recreate a path that is authentic and fulfilling to you.

To be in the running, simply sign up to my email list and complete the pre-coaching questionnaire.

The winner will be drawn on 31st of August and notified via email.

Good luck and I look forward to supporting you!

Thanks for submitting!

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