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As my birthday approaches, I’m asked by family and friends “what are you doing for your birthday?” To be honest, I don’t really feel the need “to do something” to mark the occasion.

This may sound seem strange to most. I mean surely I would want to make every birthday count – after all that’s happened. Right?

But my overall feeling isn’t to go and get busy planning an event that speaks loudly. Why?

I’m alive! I simply want to FEEL alive and healthy!

If all I do on my birthday is feel happy and healthy, in the presence of loved ones and friends – then that’s a happy birthday to me.

My original plan was to take a day off work and just be with myself, touch base and connect. As luck would have it, our work team in Melbourne have a public holiday so I need to come in to work and provide cover.

But the stars always align when you keep an open and abundant heart. I have been very fortunate to have been encouraged by the Cancer Council to attend their advocacy training, and be part of my local forum….first meeting taking place on my birthday.

So although I won’t be having the day to myself on my birthday, I will be privileged to be meeting with like minded souls, coming together to effect positive change.

Happy birthday to me!

Happy musings to all. xxx

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