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Ever feel like there is a month, a day honouring or highlighting an issue or cause? Our attention is forever bombarded with messages, events and do we choose what's right for us and deserving of our energy?

I participate in those that allow me to focus on myself, bring positive energy to the world and allow me to give something back - however small. 

I love Grateful in April, Mindful in May and Dry name just a few.

This year my husband and I agreed to participate in Grateful in April together. Instead of writing our own daily lists, we share one thing we're grateful for everyday. It's a positive way to end the day, and allows us to be grateful together - even though we're grateful for different things.

Earlier this week, whilst driving home a lady drove into the back of my car. Neither one of us was hurt, and there was virtually no damage to either car - definitely things to be grateful for.

As the lady was getting out of her car to exchange details, I noticed she was extremely shaky and had been crying. Between sobs she told me she had just been to see the doctor. Instinctively I knew she had been given a cancer diagnosis! I just knew it in my gut!

I told her not to worry about the cars, there was no damage and we were ok. She was extremely shocked and I mentioned to her that not long ago I had been very sick with cancer, and the car was definitely something I wasn't worried about.

She seemed to shake a little less upon hearing a bit of my story...somehow comforted and who knows, maybe even a little less lonely for just a moment.

She confirmed her doctor had just told her she had cancer. I tried to reassure her, the first month is the worst because of the shock, but once treatment starts then she'd have a renewed focus. She told me the doctor had told her the same thing.

We continued to talk and we embraced as she cried telling me her story... and so in that moment, right by a busy road during peak-hour traffic, 2 complete strangers shared a powerful and authentic moment.

I am grateful that I was able to have that moment with that lady. Grateful in April is about being grateful in receiving as well as giving, and I hope I gave something - if only in a small way.

Let's all be grateful for our blessings.


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