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From past blogs you'll know that I have been wanting to share my musings, in the hope of helping others going through their own challenging life experiences.

To me it has felt right, hopefully not only helping others but helping me as well - in a somewhat cathartic way.

Recently though, I have felt a strong pull to share more on the joys of the here and now, as well as ideas for the future.

Still hoping it'll help others, not focusing so much on the past (it'll continue to work its magic in its own way), but feeling and living the joy of now and planning for the future.

Not to sound puritanical, but focusing on the simple things in life, it means life flows easier and more bountiful - I just don't have the wanting to keep trying so hard anymore. I can't change the past, and I don't think I would want to in all honestly.

Being blessed with the opportunity of flexible working has allowed me regular time to myself. And although I haven't been writing as regularly as I could, I have allowed myself the time not rush around, pottering around the house and enjoying time with the pooch.

Nesting is something I have been truly hankering for. Wanting to get into the garden (as bare as it is), and wanting to grow and nurture something, whatever it may be...but in my own way, helping to give life to something that will then sustain us.

Feelings and ideas slowly fermenting and germinating this year...allowing whatever I need it to be, in its own time coming to fruition.

One recent pleasant surprise caught me unawares. I have discovered a desire to work on my family tree.

Wanting to understand my ancestors and pass on their stories. Wanting to feel a connection to who they were, and who they helped us to be. For someone who once felt the only story I had to tell was my cancer journey, it now feels like there are more stories bubbling inside me.

And this makes me so slows me down, it feels as though the blinkers have come off and I'm thinking about something bigger than myself. It's another small step forward, allowing the past to be a curve in the road when I look in the rear view mirror.

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