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Our furry little monster is 13 months old now, and what a character he's turned out to be. He's brought much joy, love and laughter  - and taught me many a valuable lesson.

There is something quite joyful and peaceful in watching a much loved pet. I love the way he intently chases flies and lizards. His boisterous protection of our home from the neighbour's cat with his fierce bark, and welcoming guests to our home with as much gusto!

His peaceful breathing whilst he sleeps a lullaby to me, sending me off to a restful night's slumber. Yes, he sleeps on our bed which breaks every dog training rules I'm sure, but it's the tonic I need in the evenings, and he loves it too.

When I look back at the time we've had with our crazy little guy, 3 key lessons stand out to me:

  1. Animals live for the moment, their concept of time is nothing like ours. There is no tomorrow, and no frantic to-do lists. The only moment that counts is the here and now.

  2. Their purpose in life is simple, to be fed and to stay safe. It doesn't get much simpler than that - and how I envy and crave that simplicity.

  3. Rest and play makes for a good day. After a walk or rough-and-tumble in the dog park, a rest is always in order. There's no rushing from task to task, everyday has its much needed balance.

Regardless of your preferred choice of pet, animals can teach and give us much love and calm to your often frenetic lives.

Until the next musing xxx

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