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Hello dear followers!

It has again been a while, but not for health reasons (thank God). No, I  have taken my time with writing as I explore a purposeful service. Mind you, I love the writing - but I have consistently thought, how else can I give back? How else can I help others?

Picture includes the wonderful book "Chillprenuer" by Denise Duffield-Thomas...much needed fantastic advice in there.

The journey to coaching...

I have previously spoken of my coaching young adults, through a volunteering program. I have felt keenly drawn to coaching others, in particular supporting women working through awakening and reconnecting with their values, so as to build a more aligned and content life.

This feels particularly strong to me, because my journey has given me the beautiful gift of feeling my values; being astutely aware of them and honouring them in a way I hadn't before my diagnosis. It has led to a wondrous voyage of discovery and a new confidence, to try what feels right and natural to me.

As I work and develop my coaching, an unsettling fear has emerged. At first I fought it, preferring not to acknowledge it and persevered with keeping busy and procrastinating...but this afternoon I created the time to sit with it and really feel it. It wasn't comfortable by any means, and I thought I'd call on my trusted "crazy sexy love notes" (well, they're really Kris Carr's not mine)..I asked, "what am I afraid of?" - the 4 cards I picked really resonated with me:

  1. Unplug

  2. Invite your fears to tea

  3. Share your gifts

  4. Find your tribe.

I laughed out loud when I read showed me the answer I was feeling deep in my gut. Throughout this process, a recurring thought kept coming to me - I don't want to coach if I can't be authentic! It was an incredibly strong physical feeling in the pit of my stomach. As I look out on social media I see so much wonderful work being done, and wondered how can I work authentically to help others? What does my authentic look like? The pressure to be on digitally all the time is incredibly exhausting to me; but a fear nags me "if you're not available digitally how will anyone know you, and how will you help anyone?"

I've decided to sit with this fear, knowing that the values I align with so strongly now will see me through. It'll take a lot of navigating, trial and error but I will do it my way - it's the only way to be true to myself and those I wish to help and support. My values are my compass throughout life now, letting it show me the way, showing up authentically.

When you're true to your values, life aligns and your answers will come to you when you're ready to hear them.

Happy musings


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