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My go-to rituals

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog...I have passionately been journaling for myself.

So much has happened over the last couple of years - I am now officially no one's patient! I have been discharged by all my specialists, which has been a truly significant milestone.

I can honestly say that I am not the person I was 5.5 years ago at the time of my diagnosis. I have grown, changed and expanded in ways I didn't think were possible.

Breast Cancer Awareness month is around the corner and with it so many possible triggers.

I now feel somewhat less affected by it, but there are days the grief of what's happened still saddens me. Grief like everything else in this cancer journey, takes time to heal.

I recently co-hosted workshops and presented to an online community on how rituals are supportive to me. Rituals are not only supportive to those who have experienced a chronic illness, but those who may be experiencing challenging situations. Extensive COVID lockdowns have certainly had their impact, mentally and emotionally.

At stressful times, rituals can provide comfort, a sense of control and an opportunity to be more mindful.

At times of stress and anxiety, it's easy to feel like life is out of our control. We may get "busy" to push away or ignore feelings of discomfort.

I have found that rituals provide me with the opportunity of connecting in with myself, open an internal dialogue - when we let the discomfort and fears show themselves, we can understand, acknowledge and change the narrative around it.

In essence any activity can be a ritual, it's the intention behind it that gives it meaning and support to you.

I put together the above graphic and shared on my socials - these are the rituals that have been supporting me during lockdown. They tend to be the same rituals that have supported me over the last 5.5 years...over time I felt for what serves me best. I turn to some of these rituals more than others, I intuitively feel for what will give me what I need.

I encourage you to explore and develop your own rituals practice. When it becomes a regular part of your day, the benefits cannot be understated.

With love


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