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I've always considered myself to be a fairly open minded person. I enjoy learning about new things, even though when it comes to putting things into action. I'm more on the cautious side rather than being adventurous of spirit...still hanging on to some control ;-p

Having recently reconnected with a long lost friend (serendipity working its magic), sharing stories of life changing and shaping events - I've been fascinated by the similar and profound impact these have had on us.

I could ponder on this for hours; but although we had lost touch, there were numerous times when I would think and wonder what she was up to..quite possibly when life was presenting her with significant challenges.

My dear friend has shared with me her interest and practice of Buddhism, and the richness its teachings continues to bring her.

Since then I have been watching Ajahn Brahm's podcasts, and one suggestion in particular has stuck in my mind.

Whether it be illnesses, or significant events in life, instead of seeing these events as negative; threatening; or unsettling, what if we invite them in and embrace them as opportunities?

Instead of being in a defensive state of mind, what if we cast aside the judgement and let it be - let it offer us what it needs to offer?

Letting go of control (or at least perceived control), or even feelings of "why me?", look for the opportunity to learn something new. Treat ourselves and others with understanding, empathy and compassion.

Feel without judgement so the anger doesn't fuel the negative in our hearts and minds, and instead be open to love and nurturing.

I have often felt and experienced, that difficult times in life gives others an opportunity to nurture and care for us.

It's a wonderful gift to be able to give and receive love, and all too often as adults we feel we have to take care or be across everything.

Letting someone else be there for us, to listen to us to give us advice - is not only a loving act, but its positive embrace is nurturing to all those around us - whether they actively know it or not.

And so I thank the universe for bringing my dear friend back into my life, when we were both ready - to give and receive love, nurturing and numerous wondrous lessons.

I send her, and everyone reading this blog, healing energy, love and compassion to you and your loved ones.

Time for a cup of tea - happy musings. xxx

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