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Since starting my musings Instagram account, I have found myself drawn to posts that bring me peace; that feel embracing gentle, and reassuring.

I had started the account in the hope of honing in on what "I really" wanted to do with my musings. I so want to get it right, and make it count!

I know the learnings from my journey will take time to present themselves, but I have felt an incredible pressure in not wasting time!!! I know in part this is because of what's happened in the past.

It feels like everyone else on social media is getting it "right"...leading blissful lives, thousands of followers accompanied by impressive financial rewards.

It was leaving me feeling "surely getting it right can't feel this uneasy" - and then I read Vicki's recent blog "What's waiting".

I felt a huge sense of relief, as though the blog was a personal message to me...

  • The "right" path will reveal itself in its own time.

  • Rushing to get it all "right" now, will mean missing many a wondrous moment in the hope of reaching the all important destination.

  • As the old saying goes, it's not about reaching the destination, but the joy is in the journey :-)

So how do we embrace the journey and the process, when we are overwhelmed by the never ending messages to get it right - eat; sleep; exercise; living your purpose...and the list goes on.

How do we just embrace what it is right now? I know so much has been written about mindfulness, but I often feel the messages out there are so contradictory with the - "don't waste your life; find your purpose; IKIGAI, IKIGAI, IKIGAI"!

As you'll probably know, I have more questions than answers, but to me, being with the flow and with what is, is my goal. Tune in to messages on social media that serve you.

If you're simply swiping through then maybe it's not worth following it for now. If you're not wearing a smile whilst you're reading a post or listening to a podcast, maybe it's worth pausing for now and trying something different.

If it's all too much and you're too overwhelmed, and feel totally crap because everyone else "has their answers" and you're still working your way through yours - go outside and have a walk amongst nature.

Let the peace of it embrace you and calm your mind, in time the right answer will come - but not whilst you're frantically adopting someone else's journey instead of slowly birthing your own.

Happy musings...let's just be for now


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