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I’ve always loved yoga and the zen it brings me. But I must admit, as hard as I’ve tried, meditation is a challenge.

The chatter in my mind has no off switch; at times I’m lucky to find the mute button, but at best I manage to turn the volume down to a reasonable level.

I have always found the water to have a soothing and calm effect…water really is the tonic for my busy mind. A funny claim considering I can’t actually swim!

I took this photo doing the Nepean river walk in August 2018

I have longed to live by the beach but it felt so unattainable. Living by the coast comes with a high price tag, or moving away from Sydney. 

Then clarity struck me like a bolt!!! 

We live near a gorgeous river, at a moments notice and a ten minute drive.

We are blessed with a soothing and calming waterway. Surrounded by greenery, although with the ever expanding urbanisation, not sure how long the greenery will last!

Walking an over-excited pooch, I thought to myself – you’re a goose! You have what you need right here! It may not be the gloriously famous NSW coastline, but it’s a beautiful river with the mountains as its backdrop.

I may not have mastered the wonders of meditation yet, but I have found my magic spot – a place for my nurturing, my exercise and my emotional healer!

What’s brings you healing magic?

Happy musings


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