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I sit recovering from my second lipofilling procedure, finding it hard to relax as the country is engulfed by a political mess of our government's making...

*I took this picture of the Australian Parliament House on a visit in 2015.

I have been fortunate to be a volunteer coach for an organisation working with 16 year olds, supporting them in building critical leadership skills for the future. Today more than ever, as our current politicians shame us; ignore us; behaving like entitled; spoilt; arrogant middle aged white men, I sincerely place my hope and trust on the next generation.

I've yet to speak with the young adult I'm coaching about the current political crisis. I'm intrigued to hear her feelings, concerns and opinions on what she thinks the future will hold for her and her school friends - thanks to the current shenanigans taking place.

Although we are often referred to as the lucky country, it certainly doesn't feel lucky this week. Politicians refusing to sit in parliament and yet getting paid exuberant amounts of money, the likes of which we'll never see.

I wonder what it is that I'll say to my teenage nieces - do we encourage them to be more involved in politics when all they see is drama and bullying? How do we keep them interested when politicians don't engage with them? In 2 years time they will be able to will this week's drama influence their vote in the future?

It's easy to feel despair and turn to ambivalence, it all feels to big for us to effect.

But we are the voters, and for those of us lucky enough to have young adults in our lives, engage them in a conversation about the current situation.

I have found them to be much more aware of their environment than we give them credit for. Use the current shambolic mess to challenge their thinking and build true leaders for the future!

There's always hope...

Go forth and conquer xxx

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