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My Philosophy

I consider it an absolute privilege to be able to support and hold a safe space for you in this path of your journey. Having a lived experience of a chronic illness diagnosis, I appreciate how challenging and overwhelming the “time after” the diagnosis and treatment can be.


We hear it all the time, there is significant information, resources and support provided during the time of treatment, but once that’s over we are pretty much left to navigate life on our own. 


From my own experience, I found this time daunting and incredibly isolating. Very few people around me understood why I struggled to feel well and excited for the future; in their eyes “the worst was over” – for me, it felt like the worst was in some ways just starting.


It was through my own experience of having had coaching, mentoring, and counselling that I know how powerful a support it can provide. I’m a firm believer that a holistic approach to our overall health is incredibly important, and it empowers us to look after ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you are at a point in your post-treatment journey, where you:

  • are unsure how to move forward, 

  • you are feeling overwhelmed,

  • you are feeling lost as to what you want life to look like for you,

  • you want to reconnect with your true self and move beyond being a patient,

  • you want to recreate a new vision for your life post diagnosis, 


then coaching can provide you with an encouraging, understanding, and supportive space to achieve some beautifully nurturing goals, gently guiding you to a life you wish for yourself.


Image by Gabrielle Henderson


Thank you Veronica for helping me continue to unfold my path towards my goals. Your patience, guidance and encouragements are the greatest gifts of my life during isolation.


I always walk away from our time together feeling refreshed, inspired, and centered. Thank you so much for inspiring me to live my best life, to take powerful actions and to share my soul gifts.

Image by Brigitte Tohm


Veronica was extremely supportive and really took the time to dive deep into achieving my personal goals. It was lovely to experience Veronica’s gentle guidance towards ways to improve my situation and nothing was ever forced onto me.


Even during a pandemic, a first trimester of pregnancy and raising a toddler during a harsh lockdown, Veronica was helpful and supportive, always managing to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Veronica is an admirably resilient woman who has taught me through her personal story that any tough time can be overcome and that personal goals are always something to strive for.

Candles & Plants


To my wonderful friend, confidant and mind coach Veronica

Words cannot express the gratitude and thanks I have towards you for helping and guiding me through my own personal journey.  You truly are an inspiration not only to myself but too many other people around you.


Your words of encouragement, guidance and life challenging skills have not only made me grow as a person but has also helped my immediate family as well and has taught me to express my feelings and thoughts in a positive way.


I’m sure my journey will be a life long one and with you as a life coach, I know the skies the limit.
Much love always xxxxx

Green Leaves

Support Options

How do 1:1 Coaching sessions support me?


Your coaching journey will be supported by:

  • A 30-minute complimentary discovery session, where we discuss your wants and needs and determine whether coaching is for you. 

  • Upon booking the complimentary session, I will send you a questionnaire to help us with a supportive discussion and ensure you make the right decision for yourself.

  • The following coaching session bundles include:

    • 6 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, over a 3-month period. That’s a coaching session every 2 weeks. Naturally, I’m incredibly mindful that some of you may still be requiring follow-up medical appointments post treatment – I try to be flexible and accommodating with appointment times. 

    • 12 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, over a 6-month period. That’s a coaching session every 2 weeks, again, being mindful of any ongoing medical follow-ups you may be experiencing. Please be open with what you need, I’m here to support you. 


  • Both the 6-sessions or 12-sessions coaching bundles are offered with unlimited email support. You will receive an email summary of the main points covered in our sessions, appreciating that life is demanding in the initial periods after treatments – and a summary can support you in continuing to develop growth, insights, and breakthroughs. 

  • All coaching sessions are run over zoom to provide you with the flexibility and safety of attending the sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Flexible payment plans are available upon request.

What happens after the coaching session bundles finish?

Clients often ask me for ongoing support and the opportunity to check-in.

This is completely understandable given that recovery post a significant illness is often a long road. This is where Focus sessions come in…


What’s a Focus session, and how does it support me?

  • Focus sessions are individual sessions.

  • Focus sessions are up to 90 minutes long and it allows us to focus on a particular area you feel you need to explore and work towards achieving.

  • This can be particularly helpful if you have had coaching sessions and are now looking to continue the amazing work you’ve done, but don’t want to go at it completely alone.

  • Focus sessions can also be helpful to those that who may not have had coaching with me but would like guidance and targeted support. 

  • Upon booking your session, I will send you a questionnaire which you will need to complete at least 48 hours before our session. 

  • You have unlimited email support for two weeks after our session. 

  • You also have the option to have a 15-30 minute check-in two weeks after the session.

  • All Focus sessions are run over zoom to provide you with the flexibility and safety of attending the sessions from the comfort of your own home.


Flexible payment plans are available upon request.


Want more info?

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I always advise that during periods of significant stress and anxiety (like those experienced during these health challenges), please also check in with your medical team including counsellors to ensure you are receiving all the support you need.


Book your complimentary 30-minute consultation below and let’s start exploring. I look forward to empowering you on your journey.

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